Guest Lecture and Architecture Visit of Architectural Ecology Course (Odd Semester, Academic Year 2022/2023) University General

In the odd semester of 2022/2023, the Architectural Ecology course held guest lectures and visitation to architectural objects as part of one semester's lecture activities. Guest lectures and field visits were conducted for two days, namely Friday, November 18, 2022 and Sunday, November 27, 2022. These activities were held by inviting an architect, namely Mr. Gede Arista Gunawan, ST., MM. IAI AA from Bale Design (Gede Arista Gunawan Architect & Associates). The students who involved in this course were on their 3rd semester and 5th semester who had not taken the Architectural Ecology course in the previous semester.

The guest lecture with the theme "Transformation of Architectural Ecological Concepts in Project Design" was held on Friday, November 18, 2022 via webex with 110 student participants. The lecture, which started at 10.20 WITA, lasted for about one and a half hours and was opened by Ms. Ida Ayu Shanty Pradnya Paramitha, S.T., M.Ars, as one of the supporting lecturers. In the guest lecture, Mr. Gede Arista presented introductory material on architectural ecology and shared his experiences as a practitioner in several architectural projects related to ecological architecture. Some of the projects that were discussed included Suarga Eco Resort Labuansait, Amori Villas and Amori Yoga & Spa, and Bali Hai Resort. All three have different project brief and environmental contexts, so students are expected to gain knowledge about the application of ecological design in accordance with their design challenges.

During the field visit on Sunday, November 27 2022, students were invited to go around architectural objects that had been discussed briefly in the guest lecture, namely Amori Villas and Amori Yoga & Spa. The activity, which started at 12.00 WITA and was attended by 100 students, was opened with an explanation of the background and stages of the project that Mr. Gede Arista, as the architect. When going around this architectural project, students were accompanied and got explanations of each building from Bale Design team who helped this activity run smoothly. The entire series of field visit activities, which ended at 16.00 WITA, was closed by handing over the certificates as a token of gratitude for the contributions of the resource persons and taking a group photo. The existence of guest lectures and the visitation to architectural project is expected to enrich the knowledge that students get on campus with its application to architectural practice in the real project.