2023 Architecture Program Outstanding Student Selection (PILMAPRES) - Gana Abhinaya University General

2023 PILMAPRES of Architecture Program is the first Outstanding Student Selection event that held by the Wicwakarma Architecture Student Association, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University which aims to find a novice of outstanding students in the Architecture Program. 2023 PILMAPRES received considerable amount of attention from students, taking the theme "Gana Abhinaya" which consists of the words "Gana" which means troops and "Abhinaya" which means enthusiasm, so that "Gana Abhinaya" can be interpreted as student spirit in achieving the expected achievements through the 2023 PILMAPRES event.

There were four participants who took part in this event, namely I Putu Wahyudi Pranadika and I Gusti Ngurah Tri Adi Citarsa from the class of 2021. Then, I Wayan Balitar Yana and I Gusti Ngurah Agung Pramarta Dirgayusa from the class of 2022. The stages in 2023 Architecture PILMAPRES begins with the provision for the participants which held on Saturday, April 15 2023, from three reliable speakers: (1) Mrs. Ni Nyoman Ratih Prajnyani Salain, ST., MT. who is a lecturer in Architecture Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University; (2) I Gede Febri Bala Antara and (3) I Made Putra Arya Winata, the students of Mechanical Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, who succeeded become were Engineering Faculty delegation at the PILMAPRES event in Udayana University.

The last activity of the event that day was the participant's presentations about their outstanding life achievements followed by Q&A session for 30 minutes. In this session, there were 3 judges who assessed the participants, namely Mr. Kadek Wisnawa, ST., MT., Mr. I Putu Weka Wendyputra, ST., MT., and Mrs. Ida Ayu Shanty Pradnya Paramitha, ST., MT.