Architecture Students of Udayana University Participated in 2022 IISMA Program at National Taiwan University University General

In 2022, Udayana University sent 16 of their students to take part in IISMA (Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards) program which is part of the MBKM activities of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. Students participating in IISMA are selected students who have met the requirements (GPA, English proficiency, etc.) and have successfully passed all stages of the selection. Of the 16 students selected, the Architecture Study Program succeeded in sending their representatives on behalf of Metta Karina Putra.

IISMA 2022 program aims to provide rights and opportunities for students to develop competence and knowledge, as well as provide study experience at foreign universities. During 1 semester of study, students can take courses that are of interest and in accordance with the requirements that apply at partner universities abroad and the student's home university. During IISMA 2022, Metta Karina Putra had the opportunity to study at the National Taiwan University.