Series of ACSENT Activities - Behind The Desk : Delving Deeper into the Profession of an Architect University General

ACSENT, Architecture Seminar Competition and is an event that established in 2019, as a merged event of former big event SMART (Seminar Nasional Arsitektur), and ACTION (Architecture Creativity and Exhibition). In 2023, ACSENT take Sanskrit phrase ‘Abyakta Nawasena’ as theme, Abyakta means developed, and Nawasena means “Bright future with hope”. So, ‘Abyakta Nawasena’ means self-development towards bright future. Hopefully, this event can be an inspiration to the young audience, to exaggerate creativity and innovation ideas for their brighter future and full of new hope.

ACSENT held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Wicwakarma, wherein this activity divided into three main activities, there are Competition, Seminar, and Exhibition. ACSENT 2023 will carry out several webinars. Webinar I ACSENT 2023 carried out via zoom meetings, with theme “ Behind the Desk : Delving Deeper into the Profession of an Architect” . This webinar did not limit only for Architecture’s Students, but also can attend by public.

The purpose of this webinar is to increase audience’s insights and knowledges mainly about how architects do their job, behind their desk, start from their education process, until they can create many building as an architect professional. Therefore, audience expected can understand the architect’s journey, until they widely known.

Webinar I ACSENT 2023 executed on Saturday, March 11, 2023, located at Wiswakarma Hall, Udayana University, on Denpasar. This webinar presents 3 amazing and inspiring speakers, there are Ir. I Nyoman Popo Priyatna Danes, IAI, AA., Ar. Made Gede Suryanatha, IAI, and Ayu Sukma Adelia. This webinar opened by head of ACSENT steering committee, I Gusti Agung Bagus Yuda Kepakisan, then by head of Architecture Program Tri Anggraini Prajnawrdhi, ST. MT. MURP. Ph.D., and 3rd Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty, Udayana University. Webinar start with speaker Ar. Made Gede Suryanatha, IAI., about ethical codes for Architects Profession by Indonesian Architect Association (IAI), then continued by second speaker Ir. I Nyoman Popo Priyatna Danes, IAI, AA, about his life journey, until he become one of famous Architect, and this webinar closed by the third speaker, Ayu Sukma Adelia, about job opportunities abroad for architecture graduates.